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LN-3 Seagull


The LN-3 Seagull is a high winged amphibian with two seats in tandem and the engine in a pusher configuration on top of the AFT part of the cabin compartment.

Characteristic features are the high aspect ratio wing and the retractable main landing gear location in a wing shaped pod at the lower part of the fuselage.

This pod is completely above the water when the LN-3 is floating so the wheels and the foam filled wheel pants, will serve as stabilizing floats.

Drooping wing tips provide additional stabilization during water handling under severe conditions. The design is made in compliance with FAR 23 Acrobatic Category thus making the LN-3 permitted for aerobatic flying.

LN-3 Seagull will be offered as a kit to start with but a ready to fly alternative for UL, ELA and LSA category will soon follow.

LN-3 Seagull


The LN-3 Seagull is designed to meet many different kind of airplane categories such as UL/Micro light, LSA, ELA and TMG. Initially we offer the airplane only as a kit but will eventually also offer it as a ready to fly airplane.


Max take off weight 495-600 kg (1,091-1,323 lbs.)*
Empty weight
320-350 kg (705-772 lbs.)**
Fuel quantity
110 L (29 US Gallons)
Max fuel load
80 kg (176 lbs.)
Max payload (including fuel)
175-280 kg (386-617 lbs.)*
Load factors (at weight 540 kg
+6 -3 G
Load factors (at weight 600 kg)
+5.4 -2.7 G
Wing span
10,830 mm (35 ft 7 in.)


Fuselage length 6,720 mm (22 ft 1 in.)
Fuselage max width
760 mm (30 in.)
Fuselage height (fuselage horizontal)
2,150 mm (85 in.)



Power Plant

Make and Model D-motor LF26/LF39, Rotax 912/914


Max horizontal speed (540 kg) gnd. level
222 km/hr (120 kt.)
Cruise speed 65% power
176-204 km/hr (95-110 kt.)**
Stall speed clean
80 km/hr (43 kt.)
Stall speed (495 kg) flaps and gear
65 km/hr (35 kt.)
Max climb rate
6 m/s (1180 ft/min.)
Max maneuver speed
213 km/hr (115 kt.)
Speed never exceed
282 km/hr (152 kt.)


Endurance cruise speed 65% 6,1 hours without reserve
Range at cruise speed 65%
1,070 km (580 nautical miles)
9 liter/100 km (26 mpg)

*category dependent **engine dependent

LN-3 Seagull


The wings are built completly in carbon fiber and consists of a main spar and sandwich skins. The middle section of the wing is bonded to the fuselage and the left and right wing panels are easy dismanteled for trailering or store of the airplane, much like a glider.

LN-3 Seagull


The airplane is equipped with conventional ailerons controlled with the stick via push pull rods. The flap is of slotted type with a max angle of 45 deg. There is a horizontal stabilizer and the elevator is controlled also with the stick via push pull rods. The rudder is controlled with pedals via cables. There is an extendable water rudder also controlled with the pedals.

Hinges on all control surfaces are of ball bearing type and the elevator is fully balanced.

LN-3 Seagull

Landing Gear

The landing gear composes of a retractable main gear and a steerable tail wheel. The main gear legs are built of carbon fiber and euipped with a oleomatic spring/damper. The retractable gear are actuated mechanically with a lever in the cockpit.

LN-3 Seagull


The fuselage consists of a hull out of aramid fibre and the rest of the fuselage in carbon fibre. The fuselage panels are of sandwich construction and behind the aft seat there is a main bulkhead that together with a metal truss distribute the load from the fuselage to the wings. The cockpit floor is resting on a construction that permits the hull to flex some when landing on water.

LN-3 Seagull


The prototype are flown and proven with four different engine models this far. First the Jabiru 2200, then the Rotax 914, after that the D-motor LF-26 and currently the D-motor LF39. As a builder you can choose engine from your likings.

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