Welcome to Svenska Flygfabriken manufacturer of the LN-3 Seagull

Welcome to Flygfabriken, the manufacturer of LN-3 Seagull, a high wing amphibian homebuilt aircraft intended for the kitplane market or as ready to fly aircraft for the UL (ultra light) or LSA (Light sport aviation) markets. Our vision is to design and manufacture the most versatile and the most exciting amphibian airplane on the market today.


We got the engine back from Belgium today Friday 26/8! It's allready back in the airplane but there are some work still to be done before we can fire it up again.


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flygfabriken photos
flygfabriken photos
flygfabriken photos
flygfabriken photos

Progress Report July 2016


We are still on the test program with the D-Motor and have today consumed 50 of the stipulated 75 hrs of flying.

Progress Report February 2016


Svenska Flygfabriken delivers  the first kit parts in March this year!

Progress Report December 2015



Five kits are in the being and have so been for a while and that’s nothing but the truth!

Progress Report June 2015


We have started flying with the D-Motor!