Five kits are in the being and have so been for a while and that’s nothing but the truth!
Given delivery dates of the first kit parts however, have been blown a couple of times and that’s not because we’ve been talking about pink elephants! We have just underestimated time consuming factors of which some are out of our own control! Those factors are still around but get fewer as time goes by.

We have since a while decided that the best solution for us in the long run is to satisfy our needs for a 5-axis milling machine. Such is right now being installed in a facility close to Flygfabriken, mainly to cope up with the making of new molds needed for the production Seagull.

Time lag has like everything else both pros and cons!. Cons might be that early buyers get different life circumstances and therefore we have two kits of this fantastic airplane waiting for new customers! The pros are that the product, airplane in this case, gets more matured with more also minor snags fixed in the manufacturing instead of having this done by the builder! Our prediction is however that the first section of the kit will be delivered in the early part of next year!


Right now we have flown 40 of the stipulated 75 flight hours of testing. Also if we are not completely through with the trials, we really feel for welcoming the weight saving, simplicity and general features of this engine! Beside some minor and partly expected initial problems, the engine has worked flawlessly so far. The specific fuel consumption follows the factory’s diagram that is not more and sometimes even less than for other similar brands. This is furthermore a modern engine, completely water cooled and fuel injected.

All of you building kits designed for other engines and also for you that in the near future of some reason has to replace your present power plant, contact us for a discussion about the D-Motor! Flygfabriken is the Swedish dealer and has the technical knowledge to help you with the engine mounts and balance issues that might come up if replacing your power plant.

The saving of a considerable weight, most likely paying less money and getting a modern engine, could really mean something and particularly for you in the UL business. The weight saving itself can be of utmost importance and help you fly with more payload without trespassing rules! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!